Ilyas And Duck Search For Allah – by Omar Khawaja


Title: Ilyas And Duck Search For Allah

Author: Omar Khawaja

Illustrator: Leo Antolini

Publisher: Little Big Kids

ISBN: 9780985072810


Book Description:

Ilyas and Duck search for Allah is an adorable storybook for kids about a boy’s quest to find God. “Where is God?” is a question that any parent teaching their kids will one day have to answer. This book helps parents answer that question while conveying the profound mystery of it all in a fun way. In this story, likable Ilyas pairs up with Duck to ask the one question over and over in different scenarios. With whimsical and poetic replies, Ilyas slowly begins to realize what his question truly means. And by the end, his childish curiosity is fulfilled with profound realizations. The book has hardcover binding and comes with a cover jacket.

Our Review:

                                           This is a MUST BUY for all the Preschoolers out there!

It’s like THE BEST book I’ve found so far to explain to a 3 – 5 yr about Allah, and how do you know HE exists? And if you have kids, you know this is not an easy thing to explain to a child who learns everything by seeing, feeling and experiencing. This book definitely makes our jobs a little easier!

It’s a short story about a kid named Ilyas who wonders where Allah is. His best friend Duck helps him try to find Allah in their backyard, in the highest mountain, deepest ocean, rainforest, and  outer space. At the end of the journey Ilyas realizes that he cannot see Allah like he can see the Hoopoe, Alpine Abex, Anglerfish, Mandrill and millions of stars but believes Allah to be true through His creations.


  • I absolutely adore the colorful drawings. (Honestly, I fell in love with this book the moment I saw the cover!)
  • Its not one of those books which just states that a Muslim believes in Tawhid, but helps a child understand the existence of Allah through a casual story
    • I also love the fact it has the translation of Surah Al-Jathiya (Surah 45, Ayat 3 and 4) at the beginning of the book. At least my child will understand and remember this Ayat (Inshallah)!

    “Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers.  And in your creation, and what He scattered (through the earth) of moving (living) creatures are signs for people who have Faith with certainty.” ~ Quran 45:3-4


    • There’s a glossary with facts about the animals mentioned in the book. You can also see why the author chose these animals.
    • It increases a child’s vocabulary – ie. Instead of “monkey“ the child is introduced to a new word – Mandril. And it really does attract preschoolers because now they know “big people words“ (which they loveee to show off ALL the time to EVERYONE they meet)
    • The author used the Hoopoe in his book, so you can point it out to your child when you teach Animals mentioned in the Quran.
    • The text is simple 2 -4 lines per page.
    • Our favorite part is the Ilyas and Ducks rocket ship! – which they take into space to see the Allah in the sky, only to see lots of stars!

    There aren`t any!


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