My Prophet Muhammad (S) – Learning Roots

Title: My Prophet Muhammad

Author: Yasmin Mussa and Zaheer Khatri

Publisher: Learning Roots

ISBN: 9781905516490

Pages: 24 (boardbook)

Book Description:

My Prophet Muhammad (S) encapsulates the timeless story of the life of the best and final Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S). Designed for early childhood, this rendering of the Seerah serves as an ideal first acquaintance with the miraculous story of Allah’s finest creation. With its vivid illustrations and appropriately rendered authorship, this book is designed to increase your child’s knowledge, appreciation and love for the Prophet Muhammad (S).

My Prophet Muhammad (S) is a picture board book, containing 24 pages, a soft sponge cover with special glitter, varnish and metallic shine effects.


Our Review:

First of all it’s a BOARD BOOK!!!! Just this fact makes the book more awesome!


This has got to be the best Seerah book for toddlers/younger children. The words are simple, 5 – 10 sentences per page.

Page 1: Title page/Cover

Page 2 & 3: A basic introduction that Muhammed (PBUH) was the perfect man and carrying Allah’s message

Page 4 & 5: Introduction to Makkah and Quraysh, and the first time the Prophet (PBUH) told everyone about Islam

Page 6 & 7: The Quraysh Reaction to the message

Page 8 & 9: The Muslims had to flee Makkah because of the Quraysh

Page 10 & 11: The Prophets (PBUH) Hijra

Page 12 & 13: Battle of Badr

Page 14 & 15: Battle of Uhud

Page 16 & 17: Battle of the Ditch

Page 18 & 19: Battle of the Ditch

Page 20 & 21: Conquering of Makkah

Page 22 & 23: The duty of the Prophet (PBUH), and his death.

Page 24: Hadith


The illustrations are beautiful!! They don’t have any people, but there are faceless camels and horses.


The quality is really good and durable. The glitter on the cover will scrape off if not handled with care. (You could cover it with a transparent cover.)

It’s quite pricey! And I wish it was less expensive.

Would I recommend it???  Definitely!

Age group: Newborns (3-6 yrs old to understand it)

Since it’s a board book I would recommend this for all the new moms out there. They can read it to their newborns as early as possible. However I think to really understand the book, the child needs to be atleast 3 yrs old.

Personal Comments:

I got this for my kid when he was 15 month old. Even at 19 months, he doesn’t really understand the story but knows what the Kaba looks like. He also learnt the words camel, tent, moon, mountains from this book. This book can also teach toddlers the words Makkah, sand dunes, date trees which are not common in other books.


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